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Freeway drone is a French company specialized in aerial filming

FREEWAY DRONE  is a subsidiary of Freeway Prod Sarl. We are specialized in aerial photography using UAVS. Our team has surrounded larger image professionals, with an experience of over 20 years in the production of documentaries , dramas etc …

Specialized in aerial filming using UAVS

Because, as the birth of any business, there is a passion : the image … the beautiful framed image and accurate ! Freeway Drone was born of this vocation. The company is now known and recognized for its specialty aerial photography and its requirement level which apart from the competition. We have worked on major events such as the 100 th Tour de France 2013 etc …



Aerial Cinematography Specialists


Our range of drones allows filmmakers to achieve the previously impossible shots. Our partnership with the world leader in manufacturing drone DJI Innovations Inc , demonstrates the confidence they bring to us and recognize our professionalism , our efficiency , our approach to image and our sense of aesthetics and especially our customers to have a preview of the latest technologies not yet commercialized.


We work closely with the DGAC and we have total respect for legislation implemented by the Ministerial Decree of 11 April 2012 which set the conditions for the development of the sector to use drones civil .


Application domain of our drones

• Drone for audiovisual production companies

• Aerial shooting for producers and music videos

• Promotional films for tourism offices and regions

• Drone aerial shooting for France hotels

• Drone videos shooting, professional drone operator

• Drone videos for assets and departements promotion


• Drone aerial shooting for cinemas and producers

• Drone aerial shooting in HD & 4K for films and TV

•  Drone services in France, Switzerland, Monaco

• Drone shooting for TV show & documentary

• Firm specialized in drone videos realization

• Aerial shooting for manifestation  & sport events